JSC “Aeroflot” Electronic Trading Site


You are now at the electronic trading site of JSC "Aeroflot (ETS)"

The ETS was organized to publish information about Aeroflot’s needs in products, works, and services. The documents published at the ETS contain information sufficient for bidders to develop their proposals. Participants may post their proposals and will be advised about the results of reviewing their proposals.

To be able to participate in ETS purchases that may be organized as a bidding or auction procedure, please register. Your completed registration form will be reviewed by the ETS administration. After the end of the authorization procedure you will obtain an e-mail containing instructions for further steps.

During bidding lots are classified using the Catalog of products and services document on the basis of which trading procedures are conducted. Before you use the system, we recommend you to review the User guide.

ETS operations may be temporarily suspended in case of maintenance. Notifications about planned maintenance activities are posted at the ETS.